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Ever since I have used HYGIMATE Femiwash, I have been really loyal to HYGIMATE Femiwash. It does not just offer thorough cleaning in the vaginal area but it also makes me feel refreshed and so much more comfortable hours after application.

  I like using HYGIMATE Femiwash for my feminine hygiene needs. It assures me that i am smelling fresh and that it is safe for me. I am left smelling wonderful all the time and free from germs. The product is very mild,  gently scented and easy to carry.         
I had been using a lot of feminine wash. Some gives me irritations and rushes. Because I have a sensitive skin I have to make sure that everything I apply will be suitable for me. But after using HYGIMATE Femiwash  I found it to be the best for all skin types.

Using feminine wash is a part of my hygienic routine and for me it is a necessity. Among other brands, I only trust HYGIMATE Femiwash. I have been using this since my teenage years. Though there were times that I switched to other brands, but there is no comparison with HYGIMATE Femiwash. 

Since I started using feminine wash this was the first feminine wash where I can say that I am an aid user of it. Compared to others I like using HYGIMATE Femiwash everyday since it is very mild and it is just a simple Lactic Acid wash.

I was looking for a wash to treat itch in my private area. I have tried a few feminine wash but they were not effective. Then I remembered using HYGIMATE Femiwash and found it really useful.

I have never tried using HYGIMATE Femiwash before as a feminine wash but after giving birth I had to use it since I had an episiotomy because of a normal delivery. My Obstetrician told me to use HYGIMATE Femiwash to prevent infection and to hasten wound healing.


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