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Vaginal Infection

Women in India usually hold back from open discussions when topics are –Sex, sexual diseases, vaginal infections or intimate hygiene. Many feel very awkward discussing such topics, even with family and friends. As a result most of the women suffer silently from vaginal infections and its related symptoms like – vaginal odor, vaginal itching, thrush and irritation. As today’s women are busy they tend to neglect their own health and personal hygiene at times. But the feminine hygiene cannot be neglected; a woman should be prudent in attending to her personal hygiene, especially in the Intimate Area (i.e Vaginal area).

The Intimate area of women is extremely delicate and easily susceptible to infections if proper hygiene is not maintained, because of the close proximity of the vagina to the rectum there are greater chances of infections as sometimes cleaning the wrong way or with wrong cleansers can do more harm than good.

Many other high risk factors making women more susceptible to vaginal infections are:

A female must know that there is a very delicate pH balance

The normal, healthy vagina contains both good and bad bacteria. Sometimes, women are going through things that can cause the bad bacteria to overgrow. When this happens the bad bacteria get “over controlled” and may lead to bacterial vaginosis (BV). With BV the vaginal pH usually goes higher than 5.5, which causes pH imbalance and further disturbs the vaginal flora. Overgrowth of these bad bacteria can happen due to lack of intimate hygiene or during menstruation (periods), introduction of a new sexual partner or multiple partners, tight or synthetic under garments, prolonged use of antibiotics etc.

Role of Lactic Acid in Vagina

The cells in the vaginal lining contain large quantities of glycogen. Bacteria within the vagina ferment the glycogen, so that lactic acid is produced. The lactic acid makes the surface of the lining slightly acidic, thus protecting against disease-causing microorganisms.

Introducing HYGIMATE Femiwash- An essential part of a woman’s daily care routine...

HYGIMATE Femiwash has Tea tree extract, Natures way of removing Bacteria, Vitamin A which helps prevent early signs of aging by normalizing damaged cells and repairing collagen thereby reviving the Parched skin.

HYGIMATE Femiwash is effective in the prevention and useful in treatment of Urinary Tract Infections, Bacterial vaginosis (BV), its related discomforts such as discharge, odour, itching, irritations, sensitivity, redness and soreness. It helps protect from infections during POSTPARTUM CARE (i.e After Delivery) and MENSTRUATION (PERIODS). It blocks harmful bacteria in a safe and natural way. It also optimizes the vaginal flora and condition of the tissues.

Hygimate Femiwash is formulated in level of 4.1 pH levels. This fairly low pH does not favor the growth of bad bacteria. Using HYGIMATE FEMIWASH on daily basis, with a pH balanced wash for your genital area may narrow down the bad bacteria activity during those days you may feel discomfort.



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